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“Help Kenya Not Kanye” Has Better Charity Options Than West’s $53 Million Debt

New site wants you to choose the lives of many over The Life of Pablo, books over Boosts, famine over fashion, and more.

“Help Kenya Not Kanye” Has Better Charity Options Than West’s $53 Million Debt
[Artwork: via #HelpKenyaNotKanye]

A little over a week ago, Kanye West announced to the world on Twitter (natch) that he was $53 million in debt. Considering he just held an album release party/fashion show at Madison Square Garden and is one of the most popular artists on the planet, this came as a bit of a shock. But West outlined in subsequent tweets that it wasn’t personal wealth he lacked, but the funding to truly reach his artistic potential. He followed that up by publicly soliciting donations from Mark Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley moneybags. But what got advertising copywriter Gabriel Ferrer’s attention was when West suggested investing in him was a better use of money than, say, funding a school in Africa.

So Ferrer, a senior copywriter at Miami-based ad agency Alma DDB, created Help Kenya Not Kanye, a site aimed to show a handful of charities that may just be a more worthy cause than Yeezy Season 4. The idea is to use the hype for a good cause.

“The Kanye buzz is flooding everyone’s social media feeds so I wanted to change the conversation,” says Ferrer. “How about we feed people that really need the money instead?”

The site juxtaposes aspects of Kanye’s work with issues including education, famine, poverty, fresh water, food supply with links to charities like UNICEF, African Wildlife, Fund, One Child’s Village, The Tap Project, and more. Like for the $25 you might spend every month on a Tidal subscription, you could also provide clean drinking water to someone in Kenya for a year.

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