• 02.18.16

Seth Rogen Offers A Very Detailed Tutorial On How To Roll a Joint

They say those who can’t do teach. On the other hand, Seth Rogen does roll joints all the time and now he’s teaching you how to do it too.

True story: A few years ago, Co.Create interviewed Seth Rogen about his directorial debut, and slipped in a few questions about filmmaking while under the influence. Rogen spoke candidly about how smoking weed on the job made it so that he wasn’t in a rush to get home. Co.Create was all set to run a separate piece on this very topic when at the last moment, we decided that Rogen seemed on the verge of downplaying his well-known affinity for marijuana, and killed our piece. Nearly three years later, however, the comedy star is still having stony misadventures onscreen, most recently in The Night Before, and he may have just released his most blatant nonfiction tribute to the ganj with an actual joint-rolling tutorial.


Produced by his own Point Grey Pictures for weed-focused website,, “Rolling With Rogen” is a five-minute instructional video that walks viewers step-by-step through the rigors of rolling up. Aside from a brief mention of his Alzheimer’s charity, Hilarity for Charity, in the YouTube description, there does not seem to be a philanthropical angle here. Rogen’s next movie, Neighbors 2, doesn’t come out for months, so there’s no real promotion going on either. Instead, it really just seems as though Rogen really just did it out of the goodness of his resin-caked heart.

After referencing a complicated joint-concoction that have appeared in his film, Pineapple Express, the cross-joint, the tips begin in earnest. They range from the super simple, like putting your weed in a grinder, to expert-level gems like tearing the edges on one side of the paper in a curve, and “baptizing” the joint. If you ever watched one of Seth Rogen’s movies and wondered about his joint-rolling process, prepare to have all of your questions on this topic answered forever.

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