This Animated Short Depicts The Fully Automated Future We’re Hurtling Toward

“Upgrading our workforce” is a tidy euphemism when it’s time for layoffs. In a new animated short about our future, however, what it really means is downgrading our humanity.

According to a recent quote from Moshe Verdi, professor of computer science at Rice University, machines could take over 50% of jobs in the next 30 years. “The Last Job On Earth” is a stark depiction of this trajectory’s endpoint, when absolutely every task in the future is delegated to devices.

As its title suggests, the film is set on the day the final human job in the world is downsized. Directed, designed, and animated by Moth Collective for the Guardian, “Last Job” reveals some of the pitfalls of the utterly tech-reliant era we’re hurtling toward, and how it might not be as awesome as The Jetsons would have you believe. Sure, your bathroom mirror might have a swipeable interface for reading news while you brush, but also there are only robot doctors and the retirement homes are marketed toward “over thirties.” If that sounds like a world you want to live in, just keep your head down, your iPhone up, and prepare for the arrival of Skynet.

[via the Guardian]JB