Sports History, As Ruined by Drake

After he photobombed Kobe and LeBron at the All-Star Game, the Internet had a little more fun at the expense of the human meme generator.

At the NBA All-Star Game, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James finally had their on-court moment. It will never happen in the NBA Finals–Kobe is retiring, and the last-place Lakers won’t make the playoffs–but the two went one-on-one for a great moment in the exhibition. And that moment was, naturally, captured by a photographer.


Many of the outlets that ran the photo, though, cropped it short. The reason? Because friggin’ Drake is in the bottom half of the frame, blurry and wearing a hideous Kobe-themed jacket, cheering away as he photobombs an all-time great sports moment. And as the Internet is wont to do, it had fun with the shot. Over at SBNation, they went ahead and photoshopped Drake into a number of other legendary sports moments that were captured on film–and boy, does he ruin those, too. Ali’s famous knockout of Sonny Liston, the Miracle on Ice, and Odell Beckham’s perfect one-handed catch are all images that will live on in sports history, but it’s no thanks to Drake.

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