How Fast Company Picked 2016’s Most Innovative Companies

We applied machine intelligence to this year’s selection process.

How Fast Company Picked 2016’s Most Innovative Companies

The world of innovation has become so vast and far reaching that Fast Company did two things differently to produce our 2016 list.

One, we started earlier than ever: in March 2015.

In addition, we decided to augment the ideas of our writers and editors with the power of machine intelligence. We partnered with Quid, a San Francisco–based startup whose software can read millions of news articles, blog posts, company profiles, and patents—and offer immediate insight by organizing that content visually. A team of researchers created topographical maps of innovation across more than 40 sectors of the economy to identify the most relevant trends—along with the companies instigating or best capitalizing on them. Fast Company supplemented the ideas Quid surfaced with the reporting of our own team to vet them. Add a dollop of editorial judgment and— voilà!—we created the top-10 lists that appear here.

Contributors Joe Berkowitz, Adam Bluestein, Rob Brunner, Diana Budds, Austin Carr, Claire Dodson, Amy Farley, Christina Farr, Jessica Hullinger, Sarah Kessler, Nicole LaPorte, David Lidsky, Kim Lightbody, J.J. McCorvey, Harry McCracken, Pavithra Mohan, Kenrya Rankin, Nikita Richardson, Jonathan Ringen, Noah Robischon, Lauren Schwartzberg, Matthew Shaer, Rick Tetzeli


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