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How Can Twitter Stay Relevant?

Twitter released a five-point plan to address company problems. Will it work, or have they missed the mark again?

Headlines for Twitter are rarely good these days. Stock losses, executive turnover, user abandonment, harassment, Facebook competition, and more have turned Twitter’s proverbial thorn-in-the-foot into a full-blown cactus. There’s no question the coffers of the company could keep it afloat for years, but its relevancy is another question.

Jack Dorsey and the rest of Twitter has been asking themselves the same existential question about how to stay relevant, and recently released a five-point plan. Fast Company’s Anjali Mullany and David Lidsky sat down to discuss this plan—what it gets right, what it gets wrong, and their opinion on what exactly Twitter needs to do in order get back in users’ good graces. Click play to find out what they say, then hit us up with your opinion—on Twitter!—using the hashtag #29thFloor.


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