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Extra Gum Makes A Real-Life Version Of Its 2015 Viral Ad “Sarah & Juan”

Marcus and Jessica met in kindergarten, just guess what happens next.

Extra Gum Makes A Real-Life Version Of Its 2015 Viral Ad “Sarah & Juan”

Last year, Extra Gum created an ad that continued its tradition of turning gum wrappers into heartwarming gestures of love. “Sarah & Juan,” like the 2013 ad “Origami,” told a lifelong tale that ended in just about everybody watching it in tears. But “Sarah & Juan,” which followed a young romance from high school to adulthood, went viral with more than 18 million YouTube views. So now Extra and agency Energy BBDO have gone and taken the obvious next step–tracked down a version of Sarah and Juan IRL.

Marcus and Jessica met in kindergarten, briefly dated in high school then went their separate ways. They eventually lost touch, both were married with kids. However, Jessica’s husband died fighting in Afghanistan when she was eight months pregnant with their baby. Marcus’s first marriage ended in divorce. Jessica started an in-home daycare to get back on her feet, and she met Marcus again when he was looking at daycares for his two daughters. They’ve now been together for five years and are expecting their first child together this year.

It’s not easy to get emotional about some gum, but Extra continues staking its claim as the most sentimental candy brand around.

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