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Hilarious Twitter Meme Makes A Comeback: #HealthPolicyValentines

It's that time again for the health industry's nerdiest tweetfest.

Hilarious Twitter Meme Makes A Comeback: #HealthPolicyValentines

[Photo: Flickr User AForestFrolic]

In 2012, a government employee (_@emma_sandoe) came up with the idea for an extremely nerdy Internet meme: #healthpolicyvalentines. Health policy wonks loved it, and immediately flocked to Twitter to share their Valentine's Day wishes.

With Valentine's Day approaching, the meme is trending yet again. Here are some of our favorites from doctors, journalists, patient advocates, and policymakers. The topics covered range from drug price hikes to the consolidating insurance industry:

And my own weak attempt:

Got any fun tweets of your own? Share them with me (@chrissyfarr) and don't forget to use the hashtag.