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Check Out Aziz Ansari And Eric Wareheim’s Fake ’90s Sitcom “Big Bud Lil Bud”

Master of None would have been a pretty solid fit in a ’90s sitcom lineup, apparently.

Check Out Aziz Ansari And Eric Wareheim’s Fake ’90s Sitcom “Big Bud Lil Bud”

Aziz Ansari proved that he could fit any number of ideas into a sitcom. In the first season of Master of None (which was just renewed for a second season), the topics that Ansari and his cast and crew found the humor in included the pain of a break-up, the fear of aging, the question about having children, the cultural disconnect between immigrants and their adult, American children. What he didn’t prove until this week, though, is that he could also be funny in an early ’90s-style sitcom.

Eric Wareheim, who plays Ansari’s friend Arnold on Master of None, proved that when he uploaded four minutes of grainy, VHS-style footage to YouTube this week. The clip claims to be “a teaser for an unaired CBS pilot called Big Bud Lil Bud” and “the original inspiration for Master of None.” While that’s, uh, obviously not true, it does put Wareheim and Ansari–playing brothers, obviously–in ’90s-style sitcom situations, complete with an improbably giant house, horn intros, and set-up/punchline style gags involving bananas.

Of course, Wareheim and Ansari are weirder than the shows they’d have aired alongside on CBS in the early ’90s–Murphy Brown and Designing Women, despite their many merits, featured relatively few subplots involving talking dogs or the characters learning that they’re actually robots. Still, given how great Master of None is at balancing jokes with grounded situations, we’re glad that Wareheim and Ansari are finding an outlet for their weirder ideas–and we’ll probably tune in if Netflix orders a season of Big Bud Lil Bud, too.

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