Excelsior Decoration: See The Interiors Of Superhero Homes In Illustrated Posters

A person’s home might reveal everything there is to know about them. Relationship status, bank balance, personal hygiene, organizational prowess, taste in art, the list goes on. But what if the person in question is living a double life? It’s an interesting challenge that has long faced comic book artists over the years, mostly leading to a lot of gothically decorated hallways in stately Wayne manor. One artist, however, has decided to clean house and offer his interpretation.

Barcelona-based illustrator and architect Federico Babina recently embarked on a new series called Interheroes. Each piece explores the impeccably arranged interiors found in the homes of popular superheroes. Unlike the detailed blueprints we’ve seen exploring the interiors of sitcom character residences, these illustrations were not created for spatial accuracy. (Silver Surfer, for example, lives in space, not a metropolitan apartment.)

Instead, the illustrations give an idea of how these heroes would decorate their houses if only the ‘super’ part was in charge; not the person beneath. Spider-Man has a webbed chair and Wonder Woman has one in the curvature of her logo–an emblem of almost Kanye West-level confidence.

Now if only we knew how superheroes might KonMari their living spaces.

[via Laughing Squid]JB