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Instagram Doubles Down On Video, Introduces Facebook-Style View Counts

Instagram users can now see how many people are watching their videos.

[Photo: Flickr user Joseph Morris]

After focusing so much energy on beefing up its own video platform, Facebook is turning its attention to Instagram. Starting today, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app will begin displaying view counts on its video content, a feature already available for Facebook videos.

View counts will tell Instagram users how many times their video has been viewed, though Instagram will only record a view count if the video is watched for three seconds or longer. The new metric will replace the number of likes shown under a video; Instagram users can click on the view count to see how many likes their post has received.

Instagram says people have increasingly gravitated toward the platform's video content: In the past six months, the time users spent watching videos on Instagram jumped by more than 40%. The company debuted video capabilities two years ago and has since launched the stand-alone video apps Hyperlapse and Boomerang.

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