GE Gets Unimpossible, Shock Top Reviews Super Bowl Ads: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Kevin Hart is petite for Foot Locker, young athletes inspire for Samsung, and Brooks jogs with the undead.

GE Gets Unimpossible, Shock Top Reviews Super Bowl Ads: Top 5 Ads Of The Week

If we’re all being honest here, I’m going to come out and say I missed Newcastle this Super Bowl. The meta-ad attitude, frolicking in the ridiculousness of the big game hype, the millions spent, and the fact we’re all watching anyway. Everyone and their mother’s brother took some time to review the Super Bowl ads this year, but to follow up its game ad Shock Top and comedian TJ Miller did some ad criticism of their own for a brilliant focus group of two. Onward!


Shock Top “Unfiltered Big Game Reviews”

What: The talking beer tap handle and TJ Miller critique their fellow Super Bowl advertisers.
Who: Shock Top, Anomaly Toronto
Why We Care: Fun, funny, and more often than not, spot on. “Are they gonna eat those dogs?

Samsung “The Only Way To Know Is To Try”

What: The brand announces its partnership with Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games with an inspirational call for teen athletes to fight through the pressure and fear of high-stakes sport.
Who: Samsung, 72andSunny Amsterdam
Why We Care: Frankly, on one hand it has the look and feel of a pretty standard smartphone and/or Nike ad. But it’s the focus on youth athletes, seeing the determination, blood, sweat, and tears among amateurs, coupled with a realistic integration of the product in how they use technology and social media, takes this one up a notch.

General Electric “Catching Lightning In A Bottle”

What: GE Theater presents a series of digital short films using science to challenge a few longstanding expressions of impossibility.
Who: General Electric
Why We Care: The brand follows up its hit podcast The Message by extending its “GE Theater” banner to include more fun, science and innovation-inspired content that aren’t overly branded yet tie into GE perfectly.


Foot Locker “Borrowed”

What: Kevin Hart gets chirped by his son over some cool, new Foot Locker gear.
Who: Foot Locker, BBDO New York
Why We Care: Hart isn’t exactly hurting for exposure these days, but this ad takes some of his classic self-depreciating overconfidence and pits it against a child, with subdued-yet-hilarious results.

Brooks Running “The Rundead”

What: The brand’s first-ever TV ad turns zombies into The Jogging Dead.
Who: Brooks Running, Leo Burnett Chicago
Why We Care: Anything zombie related is going to get people’s attention, but as easy as cashing in on a pop culture phenomenon looks, this could’ve been awful. Here we get some great looking brain-eaters as a metaphor for our own laziness, and these walkers may just inspire you to be a runner.


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