This 10-Foot ATM Is How One Bank Welcomes Players To NBA All-Star Weekend

Becoming a professional basketball player is the reward a very tall, well coordinated person might receive for enduring everyone they’ve ever met in life immediately asking if they’re a basketball player. Extreme height is inextricably associated with basketball, and average-sized individuals’ endless fascination with it comes with the territory. So by the time most NBA players arrive in Toronto for All-Star weekend and walk into a bank, they’re immune to their height being singled out–as it is in a witty new ad for one of the event’s official sponsors.

Created by FCB Toronto, a gigantic ATM has been installed in Bank of Montreal flagship location, First Canadian Place in Toronto. “The NBA All-Stars Are Coming,” reads a message on the machine, lest any users be confused about why a ladder might be required to get some cash out. (For convenience and comparison, a standard ATM is immediately next to the 10-foot tall one.) It’s a simple, memorable way to get the word out about the All-Star Weekend, and tower above most other bank experiences.

Watch a video for the event below.

[via Bored Panda]JB