Zombies Get Faster In Brooks’s First-Ever Ad, “The Rundead”

For obvious reasons, athletic brand advertising is traditionally centered around motivation and inspiration. It’s okay to finish last, as long as you try. Your intestinal fortitude is a force to be reckoned with. But rarely is the inspiration survival, and the motivation not having your brains being eaten by armies of the undead.

Seattle-based Brooks Running is launching its first-ever TV spot on NBC during the Olympic marathon trials on February 13—providing a different take on the trials and tribulations of the zombie class. The Walking Dead? Maybe they just need some exercise. Or maybe the undead are just a metaphor for me sitting on this couch drinking beer and wiping Cheetos dust on my jeans.

Either way, Brooks’s chief customer experience officer Anne Cavassa says that the goal of the spot was to capture the transformative power of running and create a call-to-action to inspire happiness and positivity through the sport. “The visual progression from stumbling zombie to clear-eyed, happy runner perfectly captures how the run can make you feel more alive,” says Cavassa. “This feeling will resonate with runners of any experience level, inviting them to reflect on the role running plays for them personally.”

Considering that Brooks has been around in one form or another since 1914, it’s a bit surprising that this is its first-ever TV ad. Cavassa says it fits perfectly within the brand’s overall marketing strategy to inspire people to run and be active and demonstrate its belief in the transformative power of the run. “By bringing to life the different unique running journeys, our new campaign represents the full spectrum of the truth and joy of running,” she says.JB