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How Netflix Used Cocaine Traces On Euro Bills To Launch “Narcos” In France

A hilariously realistic social promotion, that they’re still not sure is legal.

How Netflix Used Cocaine Traces On Euro Bills To Launch “Narcos” In France

Every few years there are stories about “contaminated currency,” or the stuff that clings to our money. Turns out a lot of it just happens to be cocaine. Past reports have said that up to 90% of U.S. paper currency has traces of the drug, while a study in the U.K. revealed every British banknote gets a dusting within weeks of being circulated, and the same has been said about Euro bills.

Now a new case study video by agency Darewin illustrates how it used this fact to help Netflix launch its hit show Narcos in France. The campaign used social media influencers to help distribute and spread the word about five euro notes that, when photographed with a flash, had the hashtag #NARCOS appear in white, uh, powdery letters. What were the letters on the Euros made of? That’s one secret that remains, but as the video says, “if you’re still wondering if this is legal…the jury’s still out on that one.”

The move boosted the show’s profile in France, getting it to trend on Twitter the night before the premiere. As successful as it was though, let’s hope some other brands associated with dirty money don’t get the wrong idea.

[via The Drum]

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