This Minimalist “Year Of The Monkey” Poster Design Is A Lot Racier Than You’d Expect

Welcome to your daily Freudian psychological test.

This Minimalist “Year Of The Monkey” Poster Design Is A Lot Racier Than You’d Expect
[Illustration: Lehu Zhang]

Minimalist designs are a fun trend. By reducing the elements of familiar brands and concepts to their most stripped-down form, they give us the chance to take in the core iconography behind them. Also, sometimes they make a poster to celebrate Chinese New Year–the “Year of the Monkey”–that resembles something a little more NSFW.

BuzzFeed wrote about the image from San Francisco-based designer Lehu Zhang, which the artist shared on WeChat and which quickly found an audience on Twitter. According to BuzzFeed, Zhang genuinely had no idea that his monkey’s face very strongly resembled genitalia, and that the hump-like shape directly under the monkey looked decidedly butt-like. “I decided to just use some basic shapes to create a monkey face,” he told the site. “That was my intention. I was playing around with shapes and this thing just came up.” (Zhang, proving that his gift for unintentional double-entendres isn’t limited strictly to the visual realm, somehow managed to avoid ending that sentence with “That’s what she said.”)

Let this be a cautionary tale for artists experimenting with minimalist designs, at any rate–sometimes your idea for how to celebrate the Year of the Monkey looks like way more fun than even you anticipated.

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