Amazon’s Epic Party, Avocados In Space: Here Are The Top 5 Ads Of Super Bowl 50

Honda’s singing sheep, Bud Light’s party, Toyota’s Prius chase reunion.

Let’s be honest, it’s only been mere hours since the adstravaganza known as Super Bowl 50 has ended so you may still have empty beer cans under your bed, wing sauce smeared on your pajamas, and “Puppymonkeybaby” ringing in your ears. But life needs to move on. Subjective ranking of ads just can’t wait for your football hangover and/or opioid-induced constipation to subside. Onward!


Avocados From Mexico “The Bounty of Earth”

What: A peek into the not-so distant future in which extraterrestrials are entertained by our way of life and Scott Baio.
Who: Avocados From Mexico, GSD&M
Why We Care: Another year, another unexpectedly entertaining ad from avocados. Last year it was the first draft ever, and now we have Charles In Charge in a space zoo. As if guacamole wasn’t already a good enough ad in itself.

Bud Light “The Bud Light Party”

What: Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer create what appears to be a new political party centered around low-calorie beer, with the help of Michael Pena, Paul Rudd, and a huge caucus.
Who: Bud Light, Wieden+Kennedy New York
Why We Care: This is just what high-profile beer advertising should be. Funny, dumb, and … funny. And dumb. Pena and Rudd, as in Ant-Man, are awesome and it will be very interesting to see where the brand, Rogen, and Schumer takes this.

Amazon “#BaldwinBowl”

What: Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino throw an epic Super Bowl party with the help of Amazon’s Echo speaker and Alexa personal assistant.
Who: Amazon, Leo Burnett Toronto
Why We Care: With multiple teasers, we knew this was at least going to be a little funny, but throw in Jason Schwartzman and MISSY ELLIOTT, who drops a new tune in the ad itself, along with some solid jokes and this may have been the Super Bowliest ad in the Super Bowl. Add to that, Amazon went deep integrating the ad with the product itself and we have a winner.


Toyota “The Longest Chase”

What: A fun interpretation of what might happen if an epic police car chase happened with a Prius.
Who: Toyota, Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Why We Care: Look, by most measures this is just a pretty standard comedy car ad. And if it ended right there, we’d probably have Drake dancing with T-Mobile in this space. But does it end there? Noooo. Because the bumbling bank robbers were none other than three Sobatkas and another dude from The Wire‘s season two. Instantly a contender for the Random Ad Cameo Hall Of Fame. It may seem strange but the Prius demographic is chalk full of TV snobs who will not shut up about how awesome The Wire is.

Honda “A New Truck To Love”

What: A flock of sheep channel their inner Freddie Mercury thanks to the Honda Ridgeline’s truck bed speakers.
Who: Honda, RPA
Why We Care: When you think Super Bowl the list of priorities includes football, beer, food, and talking animals. A big game with no talking animals would be a disaster, but here Honda goes above and beyond by making its talking animals sing. And not only do they sing, they sing Queen. Ewe win.

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