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Celebrate The Release Of ‘Hail, Caesar!’ With A Supercut Of Every Coen Brothers Film

From Jeff Bridges’ The Dude to Javier Bardem’s hitman, heroes and villains of every previous Coen Brothers film get the supercut treatment.

Celebrate The Release Of ‘Hail, Caesar!’ With A Supercut Of Every Coen Brothers Film
Barton Fink, 1991

The Coen Brothers are perhaps America’s most beloved weirdo filmmaking duo. They’re essentially chameleons, known for jumping effortlessly from drama to comedy, from pseudo-noir to screwball laughs, from intensely grim thrillers to infinitely quotable character pieces. Along the way, they’ve created career-defining roles for actors whose careers haven’t lacked opportunities for definition–Jeff Bridges, Nicholas Cage, Frances McDormand, and John Goodman among them.

Fargo, 1996

With the Coens back today with Hail, Caesar!–a film that blends even more genres, and which offers even more memorable roles to its impressive cast–now is a great time to revisit the brothers’ sixteen previous films, from the first thirty years of their career. And this supercut from editor somersetVII runs the gamut–and reminds us that, even though the tone and genres they work in shift constantly, the Coens have been remarkably consistent in the quality of their filmmaking over three decades. No Country For Old Men and The Big Lebowski may have little in common in terms of the kind of story they tell, but seeing them side by side reminds us how much they have in common in terms of the way those stories are told, and how consistently great the Coen Brothers have been–and, with Hail, Caesar! just the latest in their storied career, how great we can expect them to continue to be.

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