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Iowa Republican Party Website Exposed 2 Million Voter Records

Voter records were exposed at the Iowa GOP website through a feature designed to help voters find caucus sites.

Iowa Republican Party Website Exposed 2 Million Voter Records
[Photo: Flickr user Danny Howard]

The website of the Iowa Republican Party inadvertently exposed the voting records of 2 million Democratic and Independent voters in the state.

The information leak occurred when the site operators of published a tool that directed Iowa Republican voters to their nearest caucus location, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The leak was discovered by an Iowa voter, who contacted the Journal. The breach has since been fixed. The Iowa GOP declined to comment to the WSJ.

Voter birth dates, addresses, and party affiliations were exposed. The data on some voters goes back decades, the WSJ reports. The records indicated whether or not the voter caucused on Monday night, but didn't contain the voter's candidate choices.

The voter information was viewable via the source code of the caucus locator tool, which could be accessed using any web browser.