New Drone Footage Shows Apple’s “Spaceship” Campus Taking Shape

A new video shot by a drone shows that Apple’s Campus 2, dubbed the “spaceship,” is moving into the final phase of its construction, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. The video was shot by drone pilot Duncan Sinfield and shows that the exterior ring, from which Campus 2 gets its nickname, is fully constructed in places. The large glass panel windows that will cover the structure have been fitted into place in some portions, and in other places the roof is being lifted onto the building.

Other nearly finished structures include one of the underground parking lots, which are fully fitted with solar panels on the roof. Another part of the video shows the nearly completed underground auditorium that Apple will use for future product announcements. Its round silver roof can be seen lying close by, almost ready to be fitted on top.

Campus 2 was originally unveiled by Steve Jobs to the Cupertino City Council in June of 2011. It is being built to house up to 13,000 Apple employees and in addition to the 1,000-seat auditorium shown partially completed in the flyover video, the spaceship will also include an advanced R&D center, a fitness center, a natural gas power plant, and an orchard. The Cupertino City Council approved the building in October 2013 and groundbreaking was commenced just a month later.

There have been plenty of drone videos shot since construction began, but it’s probably a safe bet to say Apple is going to show off one heck of an official time-lapse video at the inaugural keynote event in the campus’s auditorium, which should take place sometime in early 2017.

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