“The New York Times” Is Unlocking Its Photo Archives for Black History Month

Everyday through February, The New York Times will release previously unpublished photos in honor of Black History Month.

The photo essay Unpublished Black History depicts major figures including Martin Luther King, Jr., Lena Horne, and Jackie Robinson, as well as snapshots of everyday life of the black community.

Each photo is contextualized with as much information that was available–and the team behind Unpublished Black History is reaching out to the public to help fill in any blanks. For example, the photo caption for Jackie Robinson speaking to the Sociology Society at City College in New York doesn’t go into detail of what he was discussing. So the NYT posted this call-out:

Were you there? Do you recognize your face in the crowd of students? Do you recognize someone you know or knew? Do you remember the discussion, or did you hear about it later? Were you or someone you knew coached by Mr. Robinson at the YMCA at 180 West 135th Street?

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