Ethos Travel Ads Spell Out How People Feel When Faced With A Hectic Schedule

The holiday season is but a fading memory, and now the new year spreads out before us in a seemingly endless procession of meetings, events and duties. Already jammed calendars sit on many a desktop, on bad days they can look more like a threat than a full and rewarding life.

Travel companies know this and that’s why in the early part of each year they bombard people with ads featuring beautiful beaches, sunny weather, exhilarating scenery and … freedom.

“End This Hell”

Luxury travel company, Ethos Travel, has taken a very different approach with a set of U.K. press and outdoor ads that play on how many people feel about their lives at this time of year. The campaign, “Time to Get Away,” uses work calendars manipulated to spell out words, which express that sinking feeling a stuffed schedule can often provoke. Among the executions are, “Make It Stop,” “Save Me Now,” “End This Hell,” “Help Me God” and, of course, “FML.”

The campaign was created by ad agency McCann London and is neatly timed to coincide with the first post-Christmas payday.LJ