Key and Peele Will Play Novice Sportscasters For This Super Bowl—And You Can Watch

They’ve already done so much for football with their classic East-West Bowl sketches, but now Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are tackling the sport again for this year’s Super Bowl.

In an elaborate new campaign from Squarespace, Key and Peele play aspiring sportscasters Lee and Morris who’ve set up a site on the web platform to illegally cover the game this Sunday. The cool part is that they’re not just appearing in ads to promote this concept—although they are—Key and Peele will also be on hand to actually do commentary here, starting 6pm on Sunday, in a one time only broadcast. The duo are familiar with providing in-character commentary, having once done so for their own sketch show in its early days.

Over the five seasons of that recently departed Comedy Central sketch show, Key and Peele specialized in creating distinct personalities. If the press conference that kicks off this campaign is any indication, they’ve done it again. Outfitted in typically outlandish garb and wild hairstyles, at least one of which looks like if The Weeknd exploded, Lee and Morris can’t quite get it together to properly announce they’re impending game coverage. Of course, for fans of Key and Peele, these characters’ ineptitude should be all the promise necessary to ensure they’re commentary will be worth checking out.