The Trailer For ‘Suicide Squad’ Inspired A Mashup With The DC Animated Universe

And just after Warner Bros announced the new Justice League animated series, too.

There are plenty of metrics to track how excited people are about a forthcoming movie, but no saturated ad-buy or number of teasers-for-teasers-for-trailers tells you how much people are actually anticipating an upcoming release better than the enthusiasm with which fans create mashups and parodies of the trailer. And by that metric, Warner Bros’ second 2016 film in its DC cinematic universe–Suicide Squad–is shaping up to be a hot ticket.


The trailer’s a blast–with a lighthearted tone that many superhero movies fail to capture–and its frenetic editing gave way to its first mashup last week. Today, another creative soul took to the editing suite to painstakingly bring images from the DC animated universe to the audio track from the live-action film’s trailer. Some scenes match up perfectly, while others highlight the differences in the interpretations of the characters–the jester’s cap and full bodystocking version of Harley Quinn, for example, would be harder to pull off in live-action than Margot Robie’s take on the character.

The mashup is a neat reminder that Warner Bros–which owns DC Comics–is content to let a lot of different versions of these characters run around. That was made clear over the weekend, too, when the company announced Justice League Action, a new animated series based on the beloved 90’s cartoons. The designs here are of a kind with the iconic interpretations of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman that Bruce Timm originated with Batman: The Animated Series, and the voice talent includes Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker. Combine that with the DC characters running around on television–and, of course, the Bat- and Supermen who will be storming cinemas in March–and it’s clear that the approach to the DC universe on our screens is more about building these characters as myths than attempting to create a single, definitive version of who “Batman” or “Superman” really is.

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