The NFL Celebrates The Baby-Making Power of The Super Bowl

From 49-year-old Green Bay Packer babies to year-old Seattle Seahawks babies, they’re all offspring of a certain kind of victory dance.

The National Football League says that data suggest that after a Super Bowl victory, the winning city sees a boost in the birth rate. A Super Bowl baby boom, so to speak. To celebrate, this year the league gathered “Super Bowl babies” from over the last 50 years to sing a version of Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” and it’s just as weird as you might expect a group of people singing about their parents getting it on would be.


The ad, by agency Grey New York, features New York Giants babies from 2008, Indianapolis Colts babies from 2007, Dallas Cowboys babies from 1993 and 1994, Tampa Bay Buccaneer babies from 2003, Green Bay Packer babies from 1967, Seattle Seahawks’ one-year-olds from 2014, Pittsburgh Steelers babies from 1976, San Francisco 49ers babies from 1989, Even Seal himself makes a cameo standing on a hilltop overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge with those 49ers kiddies.

Beyond the ad, there are short hits with some of the featured fans talking about what it means to be part of this rather unique football family.

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