It’s Unclear Why Ron Swanson’s Face Is On This Public Toilet In India

Nick Offerman is on board, though, as should we all be.

It’s Unclear Why Ron Swanson’s Face Is On This Public Toilet In India
[Photo: via @Ken Tremendous]

The bacon-devouring, wood-whittling visage of Parks and Rec‘s Ron Swanson is synonymous with masculinity in America. When you need a rugged face associated with your manly brand, Nick Offerman, the actor who portrayed Swanson, is your guy. India has doubled down on this idea, though, making Swanson the actual male symbol at a public toilet.

Parks and Rec creator Mike Schur tweeted his approval of the image recently, after it first surfaced on Facebook, which sent it scuttling on a journey throughout the Internet. Not since Homer Simpson discovered his own face on a Japanese detergent box has there been such an interesting international appropriation. (The Force Awakens star John Boyega showing up in stock images for college ads doesn’t count, since the actor admittedly posed for those photos years before.)

As Someecards points out, 60% of India’s inhabitants still lack regular access to safe and sanitary toilets, so anything that helps make public bathrooms more prominent is for the greater good. In any case, Offerman himself seems to be okay with this unauthorized use of his likeness.

All that’s left to do now is figure out who to petition to get Ron Swanson’s face to replace the male stick figures on public restrooms in America.

[via Someecards]

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