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All Of Adam Sandler’s Movies Might Be Connected And This Video Proves It

Or at least it proves that thinking way too much about Adam Sandler’s movies will give you crazy eyes.

Keeping up with Marvel movies can be exasperating sometimes. So much that happens in them depends on the audience knowing what happens in, like, seven or eight other movies as well. Adam Sandler movies can also be exasperating for entirely different reasons. However, a new video posits that perhaps each of those films is every bit as interconnected as Iron Man and Captain America.

Created by Shawn Kohne, a Youtuber who also goes by The Uniballer, “The Sandlerverse” is a bonkers conspiracy theory that is deeply researched and actually has a few decent points. Kohner spends the video wild-eyed and ranting at the camera like a man who has spent way too much time watching Little Nicky. He points out small easter eggs for the super fans, like how a character named 10-Second Tom appears briefly in both 50 First Dates and Blended, and the resurgence of the O’Doyle family from Billy Madison in Click. He also reveals how Rob Schneider and Adam Sandlers films overlap in ways more complicated than just the catchphrase “You con do eet!”, encompassing Saturday Night Live sketches as well.

The revived X-Files episodes may not touch the Sandlerverse theory with a 10-foot pole, but watching this video will make you want to believe.

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