Who Is Rusty Foster?

He’s been online in public for 15 years but is somehow still a mystery.

Who Is Rusty Foster?
[Source photos: Flickr users Horia Varlan, Paul T., Michael Coghlan, Ville Koivisto, and Unsplash]

Hi! Intern Meera here with my final illustrated Tabs. This internship has been really interesting for me. Although I’m a commercial illustrator, I’d previously never delved much into editorial or comic work. I painted a lot of flora and fauna, and illustrated concepts in very abstract ways. I took this internship to challenge myself and to open a new door inside my own visual world. Working with Rusty has been nothing short of invigorating: He’s encouraged me to explore sensitive stories, develop a different style of illustration, work much faster than I ever have (dear sleep: I miss you), and uncover thoughts hidden deep inside the recesses of my own mind.

When Rusty told me that I’d be doing the final guest Tabs, I knew I wanted to do an in-depth investigation on one particular person or idea. Who did I really want to know? What did I want to learn more about? After a few days, I decided my final Tabs, maybe the last Tab of all (horror upon horrors!) would be on the quick-to-quip mystery man himself: Rusty Foster.

It was really nice to interview Rusty for today’s Tabs, and also really nice to know that all of the things he wouldn’t let me draw will stay with me forever, or until I forget them.

I hope you enjoyed my Tabs over the past month! If you want to work together, I’d love to. I can write things if you need things written, and I can paint them, too.

I’m sad to be leaving Tabs, but I’m looking forward to making new work and harassing Rusty via text, e-mail, Slack, and whatever social media channels I can find him on. You know, regularly. Like all of the time.

Today’s Song: Cream, “I Feel Free

Thanks Meera! And thanks everyone. I’ll see you when I see you… —RF

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