Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Draws Up Invest/Maintain/Kill List Of Layoffs

As Yahoo prepares to make cuts, Marissa Mayer is doubling down on mobile search and axing Yahoo’s low-performing media sites.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Draws Up Invest/Maintain/Kill List Of Layoffs
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Leading up to its earnings report next week, Yahoo is lining up a number of stealth layoffs, which will be followed by a wider round of company-wide cuts. To do this, Re/code reports, CEO Marissa Mayer has put together a list with three categories: invest, maintain, and kill.

Mayer plans to invest more in mobile search, maintain Yahoo’s core media sites, and kill off global assets and media sites that are failing to perform, Re/code writes; her list reflects those decisions and the layoffs that will come after Mayer makes her initial round of more precise cuts. Most of the layoffs are expected to come after Yahoo’s earnings results are released on February 2, when Mayer and other execs will brief investors on the company’s roadmap going forward.

Though Mayer’s fat-trimming measures are a response to pressure from Yahoo’s board, the cuts may also speak to the oft-repeated rumors that she could be replaced. A number of media outlets have suggested that the flailing company could give Mayer the boot if things don’t turn around soon, and the New York Times recently reported that even employees have lost faith in their CEO. (In the past year, more than a third of Yahoo employees have left of their own volition.)

Re/code writes that Yahoo could also be up for acquisition, provided there is interest; the company’s core assets would run between $6 billion and $8 billion.

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