The Master Debaters

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The Master Debaters
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The New Hampshire Union Leader, which is neither a union, nor leader, nor union leader, proposed an unsanctioned Democratic primary debate on February 4, to be shown on MSNBC and moderated by Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd. Martin O’Malley was like “lol sure whatever!” because really, what does Martin O’Malley have to lose? Hillary more circumspectly said she’d do it if everyone else did it, which would more or less force the DNC to sanction it, or the rest of the scheduled debates would have to be held without allowing any of the candidates to participate. Sanders said “he would not participate in any unsanctioned debate,” according to The Hill, which is the same thing that Hillary said but phrased in a way that makes him look like the one who refused, so good job Bernie. But Hillary managed to pivot quickly and immediately get herself in trouble over Reconstruction, somehow.

Meanwhile Trump threatened to skip the Fox News Republican debate on Thursday, ostensibly because he doesn’t like Megyn Kelly. In response, Fox made fun of Trump in a press release, which was pretty great because when awful people fight each other, we all win. Trump held a press conference in Iowa, which produced this amazing sentence, from Maggie Haberman: “‘We don’t make deals,’ said Mr. Trump, the author of ‘The Art of the Deal,’ who then said the only deal he wanted to make is for America.” That’s a journalist who just had a dream come true. Anyway apparently this Roger Ailes vs. Trump slappy fight has “thrown Fox News into chaos,” and Trump is now saying he won’t attend the debate, but will hold his own rally instead. If you’d like an opinion on a major party candidate skipping a debate, you could do worse than consult Donald Trump himself, who said it showed “not lots of courage” in an interview from 2012 that he did with… Megyn Kelly.

What’s the deal with the NY Daily News’s headlines lately? San Francisco has been renamed “Frisco” by BuzzFeed, reports SFGate. The flat earth rap battle continues, with Neil deGrasse Tyson’s nephew dropping a B.o.B. diss track that definitely sounds like it was dropped by someone’s nephew. For just a fleeting moment on Tuesday we had an all-female Senate and from now on, like a nation that has glimpsed Xanadu, we will spend our lives trying to get back there. “Why I Left Twitter” is the new “Why I Left New York and L.A.” I missed this a few days ago, but Joshua Rothman wrote the best review of the new X-Files. is the animated text advice hotline and it is perfect. And here are honest movie posters for this year’s White Academy Award nominees.

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