Instagram Hires Twitter’s Former Product Head Kevin Weil

Weil left Twitter over the weekend with other execs in a major shake-up.

Instagram Hires Twitter’s Former Product Head Kevin Weil
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Former Twitter product head Kevin Weil has reportedly landed at one of the microblogging site’s main competitors, Facebook’s Instagram, reports Re/code. Weil was one of the executives who left Twitter in a major shake-up at the company over the weekend. At Instagram, Weil will take the same position he held at Twitter, heading up the product team.

According to multiple sources who spoke to Re/code, Weil had been recruited by Instagram for months before announcing his departure from Twitter. This lends credence to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s statement that, contrary to multiple reports, Weil and the other execs who left the company were not fired. As Re/code notes, Weil’s departure from Twitter also times well with recent moves at Instagram. Earlier this month Peter Deng, Instagram’s head of product, left for another Facebook company, Oculus, leaving the position that Weil is now taking.

Weil will report directly to Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom, reports Bloomberg. Besides Weil, the other executives that left Twitter over the weekend include the company’s head of media Katie Jacobs Stanton, Twitter’s senior vice president of engineering Alex Roetter, and the head of Vine, Jason Toff. It is not known where Jacobs Stanton and Roetter have landed, but Jason Toff has tweeted that he will be joining Google to work on its virtual reality projects.

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