Spotify Is Now A Video App, Too

Spotify’s newest feature lets you watch clips from Comedy Central, NBC, BBC, and more.

Spotify Is Now A Video App, Too
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Spotify is making a new play for your mobile attention. Starting today, smartphone users of the music streaming service will have a new type of content to consume: Video. Specifically, Spotify’s mobile app now offers short clips from recognizable brands like NBC, Comedy Central, and the BBC.

The update comes eight months after Spotify first announced its intention to add video content–alongside podcasts and a new running-focused music feature. The videos, mostly short-form clips from well-known shows, are rolling out to Android users today. The feature will arrive on iOS in “another week or so,” a Spotify spokesperson tells Fast Company. The company hasn’t announced plans to bring videos to the desktop.

Spotify’s new videos, which will be buried under the “Browse” tab in the service’s mobile app for now, are somewhat akin to the video content found in the “Discover” tab on Snapchat. While different in their presentation and breadth (Snapchat has invested heavily in video, including exclusive shows), the motivation for both features is obvious: Video ads can be a lucrative new revenue stream.

For Spotify, the successful launch of video could also change the way people interact with the app. Right now, they mostly listen, often with the app minimized. Video makes Spotify something you look at more, a detail that will probably wind up in a sales pitch deck as Spotify tries to woo advertisers. As of now, the videos are available to both paying subscribers and users of the free version of Spotify.

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