This Clever GIF Turns Street Art Into a Beating Heart

You will be pumped to see this GIF that brings a mural to life.

This Clever GIF Turns Street Art Into a Beating Heart

Stop-motion street art is often called GIF-iti, and it’s a laborious way for an artist to bring his or her work to life. In the coolest example Co.Create has seen so far in 2016, the piece even has a pulse to prove it.

Created by Croatian artist Lonac using only freehand spray paint, “HeArtbeats” is a mural of a palpitating organ that appears to be pumping blood in and out. The wall-painting itself interacts with an air duct above, which is made to look like an aorta. Staring at it for any prolonged length of time will likely make viewers question the stability of their own heartbeats. If yours syncs up with the mural, though, it’s probably not a good thing.

According to the artist’s Facebook page, this piece is just one part of a larger project he’s working on, so perhaps there’s some kind of larger street art anatomy lesson on the way soon.

[via Colossal]

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