• 01.25.16

“The Raid” Director Gareth Evans Just Put A Samurai Short On Youtube Because Why Not

Start your week off with a kick-butt samurai showdown from a director who has the action genre on lock right now.

The Raid may be a cult movie, but it’s an elite cult. After all, no less than J.J. Abrams snuck the two leads from that film, Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhian, in a Force Awakens scene as gang leaders trying to prevent Han and Chewie from welching on a smuggling deal. The real extent of The Raid‘s influence, however, is the kinetic pace and blocking in fight scenes in movies and shows like Daredevil. (That hallway fight scene!) As action aficionados await the next cinematic meal from Evans, following last year’s Raid sequel, the director has just released a juicy morsel online for free.


“Pre Vis Action,” which sounds suspiciously like an editing effect on Final Cut Pro, appeared on Evans’s YouTube this morning, with little fanfare. The five-minute film is a straightforward samurai chase scene at first, impossibly more fun to watch than to read a description of, before descending right into all the whoosh-y swordplay you’ve been craving. Hannah Al Rashid, who Evans directed in the most disturbing vignette of the horror film, V/H/S 2, stars in the piece, giving good glare as she struggles to stay alive. Watching her do so is a quick way to supercharge your week into high gear on a Monday afternoon.

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