Today In Hacks

Congrats to Adrian Chen, The New Yorker‘s first Reddit correspondent.

Today In Hacks
[Photos: Flickr user benandbarnet, James Lee]

Here’s how easy it is to extract your personal information from Amazon’s customer service. Inhalation therapy drug Spiriva comes in two dose counts, but the canisters contain exactly the same amount of medicine. One of them just locks you out from using half the doses included. Clever hack, Satan! Adrian Chen is joining The New Yorker as a staff writer to keep the upper classes informed about the most essential Reddit drama. Innovation machine Apple does it again, with rumors that they may shrink their 4.7 inch phone all the way down to an unprecedented 4 inches. Australian non-Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright is still on the run from Australian tax officials. Spork cool. And here’s Donald Trump’s signature morphing into a buttface.

Cervix Journalism: At Fusion, Dodai Stewart reviewed a bunch of menstrual cups.

Today in Jerks: You’re a jerk, Ted Cruz. A complete kneebiter.

Today in Alternate Alternate Universes: Whatever happened to television’s most famous couples… in the wake of The Syndrome?

Today in Tragedy: This is genuinely heartbreaking. British adventurer Henry Worsley, just 30 miles short of finishing his solo attempt to complete Ernest Shackleton’s planned cross-Antarctic expedition, suffered exhaustion and dehydration and was airlifted to Chile but succumbed to organ failure. The trip was intended to raise money for UK wounded serviceperson charity The Endeavour Fund.

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