Today In Headlines

Today In Headlines
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Welcome to the last week before February Tabs hiatus. It’s been a while since I tabbed at you so let’s take take quick a spin around the `net and check out some headlines.

From Grendan at Gawker:

Oh. This might not have been a good idea. What about Buzzfeed?

America what are you doing? Why can’t we be more like the civilized people in the U.K.?

All right but at least they didn’t shoot it! Look, how about the world of entertainment? That’s always good for some lighthearted fun, right?

Are you KIDDING me with this? I mean it’s true, the entertainment business still sucks for women


What about politics?

2016, I don’t even understand what’s going on anymore. At least the New York Times is always a refuge from the worst of the tabs, right?

See? There we go. Sounds like a nice, reasonable, healthy…


Please take us too.

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