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Why Your Stubborn Kid Will Probably Be A Wildly Successful Adult

A study found that kids who ignored both rules and their parents grew up to earn higher salaries.

Why Your Stubborn Kid Will Probably Be A Wildly Successful Adult
[Photo: Flickr user Runar Pedersen Holkestad]

If getting your kid to do homework, finish chores, or put down their damn phone is met with a resistance better suited to 1940s France than your living room, take heart: New research suggests that particularly stubborn kids frequently grow into particularly successful adults.

The findings, published in the journal Developmental Psychology, follow over 700 kids from around age 9 all the way to 40, noting their sense of entitlement, studiousness according to teachers, defiance against their parents, and tendency to break the rules. Guess who earned the highest salaries in the end? The kids who ignored both rules and their parents. So, if your kid always demands the bigger cookie, they'll probably grow up to demand the bigger bonus.

The study is far from definitive: it doesn't account for career paths or other choices they made that may have affected their earnings—they could have been corporate lawyers or corporate criminals. Still, personality traits are known to be better predictors of success than more traditional metrics like IQ, so, if you're kid's kind of a dick, maybe you should just embrace it.

[H/T: Time]

This article originally appeared on Fatherly and is reprinted with permission.