Amazon Is Offering Refunds To Customers Who Purchased Hoverboards

After yanking hoverboards from its site, Amazon said it will refund customers who purchased the devices.

Amazon Is Offering Refunds To Customers Who Purchased Hoverboards
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After pulling so-called hoverboards from its site in December, Amazon is going another step further and granting refunds to any customer who purchased the two-wheeled electric scooters. The device was yanked from Amazon in response to reports that the hoverboards were exploding and causing fires.


“I am pleased that at least one leading retailer is erring on the side of caution and taking action now,” Elliot Kaye, chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, wrote in a statement. “For consumers who purchased a hoverboard from Amazon, they can return the product right now for a full refund. I want to commend Amazon for voluntarily stepping up, providing a free remedy, and putting customer safety first.”

The commission, which is currently investigating hoverboard manufacturers, narrowed down the combustion issue to the device’s lithium battery. From the statement:

CPSC staff is focusing on the components of the lithium-ion battery packs as well as their interaction with the circuit boards inside the units. CPSC staff has consulted with test laboratories, lithium-ion battery representatives, and other outside experts to verify safe design practices for use of lithium-ion batteries in hoverboards. There are certain basic safety technologies we expect these units to have that should prevent overheating and potential combustion. These are the same readily available technologies that exist in properly manufactured lithium-ion batteries used in the notebook computers and cell phones we all use every day.

Due to the serious injuries and emergency room visits connected to hoverboards, Kaye noted that the commission was also examining whether the devices were designed to adjust for weight differences between users.

Customers seeking a refund can contact Amazon here.

Fast Company has reached out to Amazon for comment and will update this post if we hear back.

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