Schumer/Rogen ’16: Bud Light Is Bringing a New Party to the Super Bowl

There is nothing more top of mind in America in 2016 than the question of which smoldering tire fire…um candidate…will be our next president. So to reinforce the new tagline Bud Light is officially kicking off during the upcoming Super Bowl 50–goodbye “Up For Whatever,” hello “Raise One to Right Now”–the brand is building their big game campaign around politics.

“When we started thinking about the new campaign with our partners at Wieden+Kennedy, we asked what is right now?,” Bud Light vice president Alexander Lambrecht tells Co.Create. “And nothing is more right now than the election.”

Bud Light has just released the teaser for the spot, which stars Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen as the faces of the “Bud Light Party.” (The campaign will also feature heavy use of the hashtag #BudLightParty that will populate your Twitter feed with a custom emoji) Despite their blue labels, however, there will be no blue state bias.

“Bud Light is the most inclusive brand,” says Lambrecht. “So this is not political. This is about saying, ‘Despite our differences, there are things we all agree on.’ And Bud Light is one of those things.” Of course, when you hire Schumer and Rogen (as well as “delegates” to be revealed later), you’re clearly setting out to make jokes, not statements.

“Fun and humor are part of the DNA of our brand,” says Lambrecht. “When Amy and Seth came onboard, they dialed up the humor even more.”

The teaser will debut this Sunday during the NFC and AFC championship games.