Deadpool’s Résumé Would Definitely Not Defeat Human Resources

More like ‘Curriculum Morte.’

That’s the kind of corny joke Deadpool would make about his own CV, albeit with way more swear words, if he actually had one. Thanks to the playful folks at NovoResume, now he does.

The unorthodox, chimichanga-loving supersomething (“hero” seems like a stretch) will have his cinematic coronation in less than a month. You may know this and many other things about Deadpool from the extended bungee-size string of trailers and assorted goodies the team behind the Ryan Reynolds-starring film has released since last August. If there were anything left that curious would-be viewers still didn’t know about the so-called “Merc With a Mouth,” though, it’s all in this comprehensive document.

This résumé includes some of the typical official details, such as an email address ( and a phone number that correlates with the film’s February release date. Of course, there are also plenty of silly insights in keeping with Deadpool’s character, like an Accomplishments section that mentions previous bouts in parallel dimensions, and all-star marks in Assassin Techniques. Have a look at the full document below, and sulk in the comments section about how there’s no bloody cover letter.