Weibo Beats Twitter To Raising Its 140-Character Limit

The Chinese microblogging service is raising its posting limit to 2,000 characters

Weibo Beats Twitter To Raising Its 140-Character Limit
[Photo: Flickr user Julien GONG Min]

China’s Twitter, Weibo, has beat the original to the punch in raising its 140-character posting limit, reports the Wall Street Journal. The news of the new limit, which is 2,000 characters, first started making the rounds on Weibo after the company sent out a letter to developers announcing the increase. The announcement of Weibo’s impending character limit increase comes just weeks after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced that Twitter may be expanding its 140-character limit to 10,000 characters per post.

The Journal reports that in the letter sent to developers, Weibo stated that the new increase to 2,000 characters would begin rolling out to VIP users on January 28th. It will roll out to all of Weibo’s 200 million users a month later.

Weibo CEO Wang Gaofei said that despite the increase, only the first 140 characters will still show in each post in Weibo’s news feed. Users will then have to click a link to expand the post to see the remaining characters.

But don’t expect every post on Weibo to be close to the 2,000-character limit. Weibo says only about 10% of all posts exceed 120 Chinese characters.

“We are constantly building new features for our users. The change of character limit is part of user experience optimization,” a Weibo spokesman told the Journal in an email.

With Weibo and soon, Twitter, abandoning low character limits, it appears the days of microblogging could soon be over.

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