From The Top Jobs To Interviewing At Apple: This Week’s Top Leadership Stories

This week’s stories may help you stick out a long interview process, consider a fresh career path, and leave the office guilt-free by 5 p.m.

This week we learned what the best jobs in America are this year, why it sometimes takes more than a month to interview at Apple, and how to stop getting caught late at the office every day.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership for the week of January 18.

1. These Are The Top 25 Jobs In The U.S. This Year

By ranking occupations by earning potential, career opportunity, and number of openings, Glassdoor has arrived at a list of the top 25 in America right now. Mobile developer, data scientist, and HR manager all make the top 10.

2. What The Interview Process Is like At Google, Apple, Amazon, And Other Tech Companies

If you’re a software engineer applying for a new job, chances are good that you’ll be slogging through a 35-day interview process. This week we learned all the gory details of what Glassdoor has discovered about the interviewing experience at leading tech companies like Google, Apple, and others.

3. The Internet Isn’t What’s Distracting Us The Most At Work

You may think you’re squandering most of your precious work time by scrolling through your Facebook feed (or reading this article), but you’d be wrong. It turns out we waste many more minutes on analog distractions like hallway chitchat, trips to and from the break room, and dashing out for coffee.

4. Is Today The Most Depressing Day Of The Year? 7 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

The third Monday of January has been getting a bad rap for more than a decade, since it was (unscientifically) suggested as the date New Year’s resolutions bite the dust and many of us sink into our seasonal doldrums. Whether or not that’s true, these quick strategies can help you stick it out and not let the weather get the better of you.

5. Seven Habits Of Parents Who Leave The Office At 5 P.M. Guilt-Free

As some productivity experts see it, the reason you’re stuck at the office past 6 p.m. each night may have more to do with your organizational skills than with your workload. This week we picked up a few techniques to help working parents make it home for dinnertime without paying the price.