Today in Tabs: Planet Nine And The Bad Milkshake

I’m off to Planet Nine, who’s coming with?

Today in Tabs: Planet Nine And The Bad Milkshake
[Source photos: Universe and Mercury: Flickr user NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Cam Evans]

Jeb‽ is still inept and sad. Jia Tolentino is right about these terrible milkshakes, and right for America. McDonald’s fries drizzled with chocolate look shamefully good, though. The “alien megastructuresmay not be comets, but are probably still not alien megastructures. Also in space: there might be a Planet Nine, provisionally nicknamed “Phattie” (which is short for “Phatrick”), but Balk already thinks it’s bad. Literal mad scientists claim to have both transplanted a monkey’s head and “showed those fools at the academy who’s mad.” Abe Riesman “left Twitter” in October, but is somehow still milking it for content. The “low-end idiot nobody” he unilaterally flamed (over a comic book review!) posted her side of the experience. Good thing Abe won’t see it, that would be embarrassing! Lucasfilm execs apparently thought whiny Goth Vader Kylo Ren would be the big break-out “Force Awakens” toy character, and told everyone not to make any Rey toys. Gawker Media raised. Let Paulette Perhach tell you a tale about a “fuck-off fund”, in The Billfold. And Sarah Larson’s Glenn Frey memorial in The New Yorker is one of those rare perfect pieces of writing.

Not Today, Satan: NYT, “The unicorn wars are coming…

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