These Mash-Up Band T-Shirts Prove Bernie Sanders Is More Punk Rock Than You

Bernie Sanders’s anti-establishment politics are kind of punk rock, even if the Vermont senator himself looks like a defiantly disheveled chair of the East Coast branch of Toastmasters. A new series of T-shirts lets the Democratic candidate’s track record line up with your favorite punk records.

Bernie SandersPhoto: Flickr user Phil Roeder

We’ve already seen how some politically minded rappers have embraced Bernie Sanders, and even gotten involved with his campaign, but now a visual artist is attempting to show how Sanders’s values resonate with a completely different genre: vintage punk. L.A.-based Mark Mendez and Portland printer Rob Campbell have just teamed up for a radical series of shirts that mash-up Sanders’s image with legendary punk logos.

Descendants, The Misfits, Circle Jerks, and many more will soon be seen on many a scraggly-haired true believer who has switched from record shop to coffee shop. The shirts are available at the Mendez and Campbell’s Etsy store, for anyone hell-bent on quietly rocking the vote.

[via Visual News]