Björn Borg Launches “Space-inspired” Couture Collection With Bizarre Exercise Films

Swedish fashion brand Björn Borg is probably best known for its underwear collections but it also produces sportswear and, for the Spring Summer 16 season, has created an extremely limited edition of “Sport Couture.” It is at this point things take a turn for the slightly surreal.

To promote the collection, the brand has enlisted DJ Mimi Xu and her artist daughter Maily Beyrens. The pair, who are billed collectively as “Xu Box,” appear in a series of quirky videos wearing the handmade garments and engaging in some avant-garde exercise moves, which look unlikely to generate any sweat any time soon. They flex their toes a lot, walk on beams (which is quite impressive), and also, inexplicably, hug themselves. The effect is strangely compelling.

The series, directed by Nils Ljunggren, comprises a 90-second film alongside seven further eccentric 15-second shorts. All are set to techno-style music created by Mimi Xu especially for the campaign. Xu is well known in the fashion industry for catwalk show sound design and has worked with many brands, including Alexander McQueen, Prada, and Vivienne Westwood.

The collection itself is “retro space inspired,” taking strong design cues from the seventies and eighties and even includes a kind of space onesie. Some of the designs are strongly reminiscent of Borg’s own attire when he was the world’s number one tennis player.

The capsule (!) collection is handmade, super-limited and pretty pricey ($23 – $350). It consists of 85 garments, and, the brand says, each item is unique, with only one to ten pieces per style available. All pieces are numbered and will be delivered in a “bespoke gym bag.” It can all be found at