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Idris Elba Wants You To Thrive–With Purdey’s Vitamin Drink

The celebrated actor has a branded heart-to-heart about facing life’s challenges.

Idris Elba Wants You To Thrive–With Purdey’s Vitamin Drink

Idris Elba has had to face some significant challenges in his life. Not the least of which includes perfecting an American accent for The Wire, dealing with James Bond rumors, and getting snubbed by Oscar. But the award-winning actor gives us all a little pep talk, on behalf of U.K. brand Purdey’s Vitamin Drink.

“Life has as many opportunities as you want to accept, but it’s never going to be plain sailing. You just have to keep going, and most important not losing that restless ambition to thrive.”

Ah, and there’s the nice little hint to the tagline “Thrive On.” The spot, by agency Iris Worldwide, comes off as an impromptu chat with a guy who the same as you just, as he says, on the other side of the screen. But of course, he’s not just like you. He’s Idris Elba, one of the coolest dudes on earth, a guy that people would watch reading the phone book. You’re probably not even reading this at all, just re-watching the ad. And that’s exactly why you now know about Purdey’s, a brand you may never have heard of before the name Idris Elba was alongside it.

Matt Barwell, chief marketing officer of Purdey’s parent Britvic, told the U.K.’s Marketing Week that this campaign is part of an effort to target a more adult audience. “We have also seen an incredible growth in the energy sector in the U.K.,” Narwell said. “But energy drinks tend to give you a high and a low, and are packed with taurine, sugar and caffeine. So there’s a massive opportunity for a more grown-up energy drink proposition that’s not surrounded by that negative imagery.”

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