This Bleak Data Visualization Reveals The Ongoing Lack of Diversity In The Oscars

This video infographic shows how the monochrome Oscar trend remains par for the course as movies continue to lag way behind TV in diversity.

This Bleak Data Visualization Reveals The Ongoing Lack of Diversity In The Oscars

Another year, another #OscarsSoWhite hashtag trending.

As we mentioned earlier, the Academy Award nominations were announced Thursday morning and boy were they ever a blizzard of caucasity. Not a single person of color stands among the 20 acting nominees, and only last year’s big winner, Alejandro González Iñárritu, is holding it down for non-white directors. Straight Outta Compton got a screenwriting nod, but nobody in front of the camera got acknowledged. As a timely visualization proves, however, this unfortunate trend is not new.

Created by visual artist Bard Edlund after last year’s uproar over extreme paleness, Diversity Among Winners at the Oscars is a sharp depiction of just how much Academy voters have snubbed black entertainers–as well as hispanics and asians–over the years. The video shows each of the major categories represented by a collection of gleaming marbles forming an Oscar statuette. The rare white marble among them represents, ironically, the outlier non-white winners.

Although the video debuted last year, Edlund has updated it to reflect Iñárritu’s win, the second-ever by a hispanic Best Director. As the announcement of this year’s nominees make bleakly clear, another Iñárritu win might be the only other update in the near future.

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