Forget The Oscars; Watch This Year’s Best Cat Videos Instead

Pounce on this pawesomeness.

Forget The Oscars; Watch This Year’s Best Cat Videos Instead

Sure, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence scored big in this morning’s Oscar nominations—but what of their lesser known yet arguably more important counterparts: Leonardo DiCatrio and Jenni-purr Lawrence?

Cat food brand Meow Mix (the company responsible for that meow meow meow meow jingle you won’t be able to get out of your head now) is forging its own stop on the awards season trail with the 2016 “Cat’s Meow Awards,” a series of YouTube videos celebrating pawesomeness in all areas of feline excellence, featuring cat-egories such as “Best Cat Napper,” “Best Cat Cuddle,” and “Best Cat-hlete.”

According to a press release, the Cat’s Meow Awards were created to commemorate the “unparalleled cinematic impact that cute and cuddly cats have had in 2015”—a worthy cause, especially in a year that yielded the faintest flickers of hope for humanity yet. Nominees were pulled from more than 25,000 submissions from cat owners across the U.S., with winners ultimately chosen by the esteemed Meow Mix Acatemy (of course), a voting body comprised of the world’s top cat lovers.

Though a video series highlighting the year’s most purr-fect cat videos seems a bit like Internet-gone-too-far, the Cat’s Meow Awards support Meow Mix’s initiative to give away 50,000 treats from its Irresistibles line.

Watch the nominees and winners in their respective categories here.