“Deadpool” Gets Romantic, Snickers Gets Dimpatient: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

Reporters Without Borders go to the parade, a Boom Beach countdown, and a talking insurance beagle.

“Deadpool” Gets Romantic, Snickers Gets Dimpatient: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week

You know how I know “Deadpool” is going to be different from other superhero movies? Because “Deadpool” never stops telling us that it will be different from other superhero movies. Whether or not that actually comes to pass, you can’t really argue with the 20th Century Fox marketing strategy for the film taken straight from the main character’s own foulmouthed and fun playbook. Marvel’s latest screen star gets in this week’s list thanks primarily to… billboards? Hey, if it gets Patton Oswalt excited, you’re on to something. Onward!


20th Century Fox “Deadpool Valentine’s Day”

What: Some mildly misleading billboard action to promote Marvel’s most profane anti-hero.
Who: 20th Century Fox
Why We Care: Movie billboards aren’t exactly a prime pick for innovative marketing, but when you use that billboard to wink-wink an inside joke that illustrates the film’s overall sense of humor, you get Internet high fives all day. Plus it doesn’t hurt when the star tweets it out using the phrase “let’s cuddle like koala bears from hell.”

Snickers “Internship”

What: Snickers gives us a glimpse at the dim and impatient consequences of hunger
Who: Snickers, BBDO New York
Why We Care: It’s not quite Joe Pesci or Betty White, but combining the goldmine of awkward encounters that is a job interview with the entitled millennial cliche, is enough to keep Snickers’ reputation for funny firmly intact.

Boom Beach “Dr. T”

What: An ad campaign countdown that culminates in Dr. T revealing a secret super weapon in the mobile game on January 15th.
Who: Supercell, Barton F. Graf
Why We Care: The ads themselves are serviceable enough considering Supercell’s (and Barton F. Graf’s) terrific ad track record, but the real treat here is that the campaign actually culminates in something fans can actually have fun with in the game.


Reporters Without Borders “War Reporters”

What: A PSA that plays on the deception of perspective to illustrate the importance of the fourth estate.
Who: Reporters Without Borders, BETC Paris
Why We Care: An effective and powerful way to get across the message that citizens need to see the real-life consequences of nationalist rhetoric and political posturing.

Beagle Street “Trousers”

What: A talking dog selling insurance. ‘Nuff said.
Who: Beagle Street, VCCP
Why We Care: Here we have a perfectly normal canine concern for his owner over trouser-related injury or death. It’s… it’s a talking dog with an English accent. C’mon, we’re only human over here.


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