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In Bleacher Report's Changing Lineup, Cofounder Dave Finocchio Returns as CEO

It’s the second management shake up in roughly a year for the popular online sports publisher.

[Screenshot: via Bleacher Report]

Bleacher Report, a division of Turner Sports, announced today the return of cofounder Dave Finocchio as CEO. It’s the second management shake up in roughly a year for the popular online sports publisher. After providing high-level direction for the rapidly evolving company, as well as consulting on digital strategy throughout Turner, a spokesperson said Finocchio will assume a more hands-on and more visible role, working out of Bleacher Report headquarters in San Francisco.

Finocchio is one of four high school buddies from Silicon Valley who launched Bleacher Report as a collection of meticulously local sports blogs in 2007. Five years later, Turner bought the company, which had grown into a network of sites boasting some 10 million readers, for a reported $175 million. Since then, it's become the second-largest digital sports publisher, with a monthly audience of more than 45 million.

In today’s other announced change, chief content officer Rory Brown is being promoted to president. Brown, based in Bleacher Report’s New York offices, has helped lead the company’s successful social-first strategy, which he recently outlined to Fast Company.

The majority of content, such as a new wave of videos—some newsy, some comedic ("Game of Zones")—is tailored for social platforms. Bleacher Report’s Team Stream app gets more than 13 million downloads a month and averages 230 minutes of consumption for men 18–34, tops among sports apps. "It’s about attention," Brown said. "We’re competing for time."

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